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What is ABA?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a science that aims to improve socially significant behaviour. ABA is used to increase behaviour and to teach new skills. It can also be used to reduce behaviours that might be interfering with an individual's ability to learn or participate in their community.

Clinical Consultation

Kerry is available for consultation regarding questions you might have about your child. Many parents struggle with things such as:

  • Picky eating and/or challenging meal time behaviour

  • Toilet training

  • Sleep training

  • Tantrum behaviour

  • Teaching their child how to sit for longer periods of time to complete a task such as homework

  • Teaching their child how to self-regulate

  • Helping their child to overcome certain fears or phobias like riding in an elevator or getting a needle at the doctor's office

Kerry is available to help! Clinical consultation consists of an initial meeting with Kerry so she can understand your concerns and goals for your child. Following this, Kerry will complete a brief assessment and discuss her recommendations with you. Kerry is happy to work with you until you are feeling comfortable and confident to implement these strategies on your own.

Families Receiving Services with the OAP (Ontario Autism Program)

Kerry meets the requirements as outlined by the Ministry of
Children, Community and Social Services and is available to join your clinical team as the Clinician in Charge.

For more information about the OAP please click on the link below:

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Other Services

Kerry is also available to assist with the following services:

Children's Services

Social Skills

Pre-Academic Skills

Adaptive-Daily Living Skills

Communication Skills

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Assessment & Treatment of Problem Behaviour

Assessment & Treatment of Selective Eating

Toilet Training

Sleep Training

Using ABA to Assist with Fears, Phobias & Anxiety

Youth & Adult Services

Group-Based Services

Social Skills

Pre-Vocational & Vocational Skills

Job Coaching

Daily Living Skills

Communication Skills

Children's Friendship

PEERS Training

Secret Agent Society

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